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What is Bank Account Verification API?

Bank account validation API allows businesses to verify the bank accounts of their customers by using the banking details provided by them. The API then matches the input details with their customer’s registered bank accounts and tells if the information is correct or not.

This helps reduce frauds and the risk of incorrect/incomplete bank details.

Benefits of Bank Account Verification

Minimizes Errors

Bank Account Verification helps to minimize errors by confirming the account holder's name and bank details in real time. This helps minimize the risk of fraud or accidental payments being made to wrong accounts.

Fast and Secure Transfers

By verifying a user's bank account details such as their name and account number, businesses can reduce the risk of fraud and minimize the chances for payment disputes.

Individual & Merchant Onboarding

In many onboarding processes, such as signing up for a mutual fund platform, taking out a loan, or creating an account on a cryptocurrency or gaming app, it is necessary to complete this step: adding a bank account.

Saves Time and Money

By validating bank account information, businesses can save time and money by avoiding failed transactions and additional charges or penalties from payment processors. It also helps maintain a good account reputation.

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Verify Bank Account Number with Ease

Steps to verify bank account number using Deepvue
1. Authenticate Request

To generate an access token, first obtain your client key and secret from our dashboard. Then, use them accordingly.

2. API Request

Use the access token to make an API request with a query parameter containing the bank account number and IFSC code for verification.

3. Receive JSON Response

You will receive a JSON response containing validated data recorded in the correct field from the banking database.

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Build digital customer journeys and launch your financial products 10X faster

Complete Financial Verification Suite

Activate bank account number verification API along with our complete verification suite.

Digital Verification

UPI verification enables businesses to create frictionless customer journeys during onboarding by verifying the bank account holder’s name associated with a UPI or VPA ID in real-time.

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With the IFSC Validation API, businesses can easily confirm bank and branch information using the IFSC. Enter the IFSC code into the API endpoint to retrieve the corresponding bank name, branch details, and other relevant data.

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Our Identity Verification API service allows businesse to verify the identity of individuals or businesses using various identification documents or proofs. It provides a quick and efficient way to confirm the legitimacy of an entity, helping to prevent fraud and ensure smooth operations.

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Features of Bank Account Validation API

Verify Accounts & Ownership

To ensure all accounts are legitimate and set up for payment, our validation service covers 100% of deposit accounts, enabling you to protect yourself and manage risk for every transaction.

Instant Verification

It takes a few microseconds to validate a bank account, including verifying that the account number and holder name are correct.

Accurate and Reliable

Our system uses the information from the bank. This way, we can ensure that the results are always accurate and legitimate.

Enhanced Fraud Detection

Fraudulent payments can be very costly for businesses, but identifying them early with bank verification can save time and resources spent on investigations.

Scalable and Secure

It takes a few microseconds to validate a bank account, including verifying that the account number and holder name are correct.

Quick & Seamless Integration

Our Docs are well-documented and easy to comprehend. In case difficulties arise, we offer 24/7 assistance to make the integration process as smooth as possible.

Who can use Bank Account Verification by Deepvue?

Explore the wide variety of industries where you can use our bank account verification service.

Financial Services & Fintechs


NBFCs & Lending Businesses

Neo Banks

Payment Solutions

FAQs about Bank Account Verification

Our Bank Account Verification API for Enterprises enables businesses to confirm their customers’ bank account details in real-time. The API conducts several checks on the customer’s bank account information, including validating the account number and holder name. This aids in decreasing fraud and reducing risk during online payment processing. Moreover, our Bank Account Verification API is simple to utilize and integrate with, and we provide extensive documentation and support from a dedicated engineer during the integration process.

You can do bank account verification within a second using our API. Although it takes a few hours for the integration to go live.

We are partnered with RBI-accredited banks and authorized partners.

Bank validation API is a type of software application that is used to validate the bank account details by depositing a small amount of money into the account (usually less than one rupee), which will then return the relevant bank details along with the beneficiary’s name in the bank record.

No, there is no limit on the number of bank a/c verifications you do in a day.

Our API works in 3 simple steps:
1. Book a free demo
2. Integrate API into your product
3. Go live and verify bank details

You can verify the following attribiutes:
1. Account holder’s name
2. Bank account number
3. IFSC code

Bank account verification is important in order to prevent identity fraud and reduce the risk of incorrect/incompleted bank details.

Our instant bank verification provides you the name of the account holder registered in the bank. During KYC, the user’s name can be matched against the registered name at the bank to establish strong proof of identity and restrict fraudsters.

To start using our API you can create a free account here or schedule a personalised walk-through here.

This API can be integrated with any language or library that supports web services, such as Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, etc. It’s a one-time process which is end-to-end secure. You will get the API response information in JSON format.

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