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Quickly do GSTIN Verification to onboard businesses onto your platform.

Obtain deep actionable insights from sales and purchase data of any business for underwriting and decisions with GST API access & GST API Integration


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What are GST Verification APIs?

Access to APIs lets you quickly Search Taxpayer and verify the GSTIN number associated with any business, in real-time from GST Portal. Additionally, you can easily establish GST entity’s compliance performance by tracking the status of their filed returns, digitally.

While GST Taxpayer APIs help you access taxpayer data on the GST Portal on a consent basis. You can gain financial insights into any business by pulling its GST Returns in real-time and analyzing its sales and purchase history, within seconds.

GST Public APIs

Verify GSTIN

Enable your customers or partner businesses to enter their GSTIN Numbers directly in place of the document itself.
GSTIN Verification API checks the validity of the GSTIN number. Verify all the data of the company associated with the GSTIN Number and return GST Details from the GST portal.

Track GST Returns

You wish to know a GST entity's compliance performance during onboarding or GST compliance applications or underwriting any business. For example, it is important to make sure that the seller you are dealing with has filed their returns.
Track GST Returns API lets you view the status of E-filled returns of any business you are working with or you wish to work with.

GST Taxpayer APIs

Gain financial insights into any business by pulling its GST Returns in real-time and analyzing its sales and purchase history for faster credit underwriting.

Taxpayer Authentication

Verify GSTIN details and access taxpayer details by authenticating the taxpayer using OTP verification.


Once authenticated, fetch detailed summaries of sales, purchase history, and return liability by digitally accessing GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B returns for a given time period, in real-time. 


Access different ledgers like Cash Ledger, ITC Ledger, and Cash ITC Balance of any business, within seconds.


Plug and Play

Integrate the GST Verification API and become onboard GST Compliant businesses to your platform with utter simplicity and ease.

Prevent Fraud

The process will save any institution that has been and can be a victim of fake GSTIN holders. GST Verification API will easily detect such frauds.

Comprehensive Process Handling

All processes are streamlined and independent to ensure confident outputs derived from numerous checks.

Reduce TAT

Minimize time spent in manual form-filling. You can use GST Verification API to pre-fill Verified business details associated with the GST Number and expedite customer journeys.

Prevent Human Errors

Automated form-filling eliminates errors caused by manual entry of data.

Minimise Costs

Reduce back-end operations costs of manual entry and error-fixing by getting GST Verification API access.

Frequently Ask Questions

You can check the validity of the GSTIN number and can also verify all the other data of company such as legal name, trade name, nature of business, registered address, gstin status etc. associated with GSTIN Number.

  • GST Basic Verification API: You can use GSTIN Basic Verification to search and verify a GST Number.
  • Search GSTIN By PAN API: You can also search GST Numbers from a business PAN Number and get all the GST Numbers linked to a business.
  • Track GST Returns Status API: You can also track status of filed GST Returns before onboarding or underwriting a business to perform quick compliance check.

GST Number verification API works in the blink of an eye and allows you to do GSTIN Verification in less than a second.

You can get detailed summaries of GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B returns for the authenticated taxpayer for a particular year and month.

You can get all the details of Cash Ledger, ITC Ledger and Cash ITC Balance for a given time period. Once taxpayer authentication is done, these APIs take in GSTIN Number and the time period(from and to) for which you want to retrieve the details.

Taxpayers needs to enable API access on their GST portal as part of providing consent to maintain an active session, for a desired time interval.
Once API access is given, you can authenticate taxpayer with OTP, and access all the Returns and Ledgers related details digitally on their behalf, through GST Taxpayer APIs suite.

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